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Aden Masonry Office/Shop/Yard Facility

6200 Brinkley Road
Kennewick, Washington

Contractor: Aden Masonry, Inc.

Phase One (completed) covered grading of the property, digging and pouring of footings for the office/shop building as well as the extension of the current private road.  The footing/foundation wall/slab of the building was completed next, and included the installation of a floor heating system throughout the office and shop. The last part of the phase was to lay down gravel on a large portion of the acreage, which allowed AMI to move equipment and materials to the site for storage.

In Phase Two (completed), the structural cmu portion of the building was done.  Trusses were put in place and roof construction was finished.  The following few stages of this phase involved the exterior brick and block veneer, stonework on the lobby fireplace, door & window installation and the HVAC.

The final phase (now completed) included the Interior finishing's (framing, electrical, plumbing, sheeting, painting, ceiling installation, cabinetry, counter tops and floor coverings) and the Exterior work which involved paving of the parking lot & private road, fencing and landscaping.